Retirement Visa Package

While the Czech Republic does not have an official retirement visa, Expat Taxes has built a package that - in tandem with a visa partner - is a de facto retirement visa. 

Many countries have retirement visas available to those who are willing to make a significant investment into the country, our visa package is ultimately the same. 

By buying a ready-made s.r.o. company from Expat Taxes and seeding it with investment money, we will be able to work with a visa company to get you an employment visa as the "jednatel" of your own company. 

Most of your "investment" will end up as your pay and taxes from your company.  This package includes taxes, payroll, s.r.o. purchase and visa work (via a partner visa company) - leaving you nothing to do except show up for a few appointments and relax.

For 2016 is minimum salary 11 000 Czk.

From your salary will be paid social and health insurance and also income tax. Additional social and health insurance will be paid by the company itself. We will take care of all the payroll paperwork during the year and also about your retirement Visa.


Gross salary    Annual Gross salary     Annual Net salary          Annual price

11 000 Czk      132 000 Czk               115 200 Czk                200 000 Czk

15 000 Czk      180 000 Czk               201 000 Czk                240 000 Czk    

20 000 Czk      240 000 Czk               252 000 Czk                295 000 Czk     


On the top of this package price you will pay 12 000 czk (one off payment) for buying the share on the equity of the company.