Income Tax Return: Price:
Annual Personal Income Tax Return (PITR)  
- trade licence (including ITR, Statement of income for Social security and for Health ins. offices)  2.000 CZK / year
- for employees who need to file PITR (without international income)  2.000 CZK / year
- for employees with trade licence (including ITR, Statement of income for Social security and for Health insurer)  2.500 CZK / year
other cases (foreign income, dividends, capital gain, rent, etc..) 3.500 CZK / year
Annual Corporate Income Tax Return for s.r.o. company 8.000 CZK / year
(excluding   accounting work)  
 Annual Corporate Income Tax Return for s.r.o. company with no business activity  4.000 CZK / year
 Accounting and payroll services: Price:
 Accounting   services for s.r.o. company and trade licence  700 CZK / hour OR 25 CZK per one journal entry
 Payroll  Administration  500 CZK /person/month
 Registration of company for payroll taxes (FU, CSSZ, VZP)  3.000 CZK
 Registration/deregistration of employee  1.000 CZK / person
 VAT Return:  Price:
 VAT   Return ( excluding accounting work)  1.000 CZK /month
 EU sales list   500 CZK/month (if required)
 VAT ledger  500 CZK/month (if required)
 VAT administration for AirBnB  1.500 CZK/month
 Voluntary full VAT registration  3.000 CZK
 Mandatory full VAT registration  2.000 Czk
 MOSS VAT return  1.500 Czk
 Other Tax Return:  Price:
 Property  Tax Return   2.500 CZK
 Transfer of Property tax return   3.000 CZK
Registrations:  Price:
 Income  Tax Registration  800 CZK
 VAT  light  Registration  1.500 CZK
 Voluntary full VAT registration  3.000 CZK
Trade licence:  
 Set up the Trade licence (1000 czk trade licence fee to be paid to the office is not included)  5.000 CZK
 Termination of trade licence, deregistrations  3.000 CZK
 Other services:  
 Business seat (see  from 450 CZK/month
No debt confirmation from tax office/ Bezdluznost  800 CZK
Certificate of coverage (CSSZ) / Potvrzení o příslušnosti k předpisům  (CSSZ) 1.000 CZK
Daňová evidence/Účetní závěrka of individuals for Visa purposes  1.200 CZK
Tax residency/domicile Confirmation issued by Tax office  1.200 CZK
 Platební výměr/ Confirmation of income and tax paid issued by Tax office  800 CZK