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EXPAT TAXES was formed by expats, for expats. Our goal is to save your money on your taxes.

As business owners, we noticed that many of our expat colleagues were constantly having the same issues we were having - and one of those issues was finding a good Czech accountant for a reasonable price. Now, there`s a solution – EXPAT TAXES!

Quality and Affordability

EXPAT TAXES was founded to offer expats a high-quality option for English-speaking tax professionals in the Czech Republic. We deal specifically with financial and accounting issues only - to make sure that we are focused on your specific needs.

Accounting isn't glamorous, and it isn't fun. But at the very least it should be as hassle-free and reasonably priced as possible. That's why we are here for you

Speed & Reliability

You don`t need to think about all taxes and accounting deadlines anymore - we work quickly and you can rely on us.

Should you require additional business services such as forming your initial s.r.o., getting a zivnostensky list, renting a virtual business address or getting a visa, we have partner companies that offer discounts for some of these services when we refer you.

The social office changed the due dates for the advances paid during the year. 

The due date for payment of social insurance (and illness insurance) advance was 20th day of following month. (eg. for October you paid till 20.11.).

The change lies in the fact that lower-income self-employed will be able to benefit from tax rebates, while higher earning entrepreneurs will be worse off in the form of a reduction in the limit of revenue to which lump-sums can be applied.

The change will be obligatory for all self-employed people from 2018. 

This is Tax Guide for self-employd people, which answers most of your questions.

For more information about the Guide "Czech Taxes for dummies" please "click"on the front page of the Guide ------>>>


Foreign Bank Account Reporting for US Expats - FBAR

The FBAR is only required  if you have a financial interest signature right in one or more foreign financial accounts and the total value of all of the financial accounts combined was $10,000 or more during any point during the tax year.


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